In his SXSW keynote speech, President Obama talks about how we are at pivotal moment in history when individuals are empowered to come together, collaborate, and innovate with the help of technology. He touches on how people from different sectors and backgrounds are joining a “broader civic community” to tackle the world’s largest issues and how the power of technology can result in big solutions.

TurtleWise, featured in the SXSW startup spotlight lineup, is a digital platform that does just that. TurtleWise is combining the concept of community and technology to solve real problems through a website and app that is created for the exchange of ideas, mentorship, and information. Explorers and knowledge-seekers are able to connect with gurus on subjects that range from personal or professional life matters to broader topics of science or technology.

The opportunities on TurtleWise are endless. Educators are able to access the mentors their students need, companies can actively keep their employees engaged by connecting upper management with recent hires, a budding entrepreneur can seek startup advice and maybe even meet an investor along the way. This experience network gives every individual access to the experts and knowledge they need, which might just end up creating the solutions the President was talking about.

As the President calls on attendees and the larger community to contribute their personal talents and unique ideas to tackle the big problems, I just can’t help but think about the role TurtleWise will play in this movement.

Join the movement, start exploring and connecting on TurtleWise today.


Viv Tran is a senior at the Ohio State University with a love for social service, community development, and all things media. She’s also an artist and traveler hoping to incorporate her creativity into building communities.

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