TurtleWise Helps People Help One Another, Leading To Better Lives Through Better Decisions.

TurtleWise allows businesses, non-profits and educational institutions to create trusted and personalized mentoring networks in a virtual community environment that overcomes the barriers of time, schedule, accessibility and geography.

Discovering, leveraging and promoting organic excellence is a strategic challenge faced by many organizations. This challenge increases as individuals and organizations come under pressure to deliver enhanced results with less resources and with greater time constraints. The modern workplace is influenced by tech-literate shareholders, employees, consumers and partners who expect near immediate response times, consistent quality, and actions that match your brand promise. Organizations that meet these expectations will emerge with a significant competitive advantage.

TurtleWise provides an organization-specific environment through which peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-senior mentoring can be accomplished leveraging the latest technological and social community advancements. Cohort members can seek and give advice, dive deeper through chat functionality, create a go-to board of advisors and save advice exchanges for sharing or future reference. The benefits of boundary-free mentoring and wisdom sharing, skill and knowledge transfer, talent and career management are vast, and are key to supporting lifelong learning and institutional growth.

Some additional applications of TurtleWise within your organization include: High Potential/High Performance Collaborations, Diversity and Inclusion/Affinity Group Support, Center of Excellence cohort building, Syndicate Collaboration, In-Cycle and After-Cycle Cohort Connection.

With TurtleWise, you’re not left on your own to implement the technology, on-board users and create engagement. Our team will work with the unique profile of each client organization to develop the right implementation model and to execute through agreed upon success factors developed in our organizational onboarding process. If you’d like to learn more, please submit your information below and a TurtleWise team-member will get back to you immediately.

Our initial users have experience in 6 main areas that we call Clusters of Excellence (COEs). These clusters are:

  • Career Development

    Enjoy the life and livelihood you were meant to have!
  • Education

    Learn and grow to your full potential!
  • Military

    Servant leadership both in and out of uniform!
  • Lifestyle & Family

    Caring for ourselves, our families, our community, our world!
  • Entrepreneurship

    Building a business with relevance, revenue and reach!
  • Politics

    Be informed, get involved and better the union!

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TurtleWise Explorers Speak

  • After a few specific and meaningful exchanges with TurtleWise Gurus with job transitioning and Human Resources experience, I feel better prepared to make the most out of my career opportunities.

    Simon B.