TurtleWise Helps People Help One Another, Leading To Better Lives Through Better Decisions.

TurtleWise is a Unique Question and Advice Platform that Allows Organizations and Influencers to Create a Private Place of Their Own to Better Engage Their Members, a Specific Cohort and/or Their Loyal Followers.

Are you an organizational leader who has been looking for a private, confidential and fun way to keep your members engaged and to leverage their individual and collective experience and wisdom?

Are you an influencer or mentor guru who wants a deeper more personal, real-time connection to your passionate followers?

Do you find yourself wondering how to best leverage the talents and know-how within the affinity groups with which you identify?

Would you like to help others who are on a similar path to yours avoid pitfalls and mistakes that you might have made?

Do you struggle with finding time to give back and wish you had an effective way of giving back virtually?

Are you a conference or meeting organizer who struggles with finding ways to keep your participants excited and/or engaged after face-to-face events are through?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Join TurtleWise as an Organization or Influencer and create your own private branded page (available to premium members only).

Through this page, you can establish communications and advice exchanges directly with your members and they can do the same with you and each other. Influencers can offer real advice and become a mentor. Mentees can pay it forward. This will establish a powerful peer-to-peer as well as peer-to-mentor community capable of handling almost any challenge. As the page owner, you can post events, articles, and other links to things that are important to you and your members. Every member will also have access to the larger TurtleWise community. Our initial users have experience in 6 main areas that we call Clusters of Excellence (COEs).

Our initial users have experience in 6 main areas that we call Clusters of Excellence (COEs). These clusters are:

  • Career Development

    Enjoy the life and livelihood you were meant to have!
  • Education

    Learn and grow to your full potential!
  • Military

    Servant leadership both in and out of uniform!
  • Lifestyle & Family

    Caring for ourselves, our families, our community, our world!
  • Entrepreneurship

    Building a business with relevance, revenue and reach!
  • Politics

    Be informed, get involved and better the union!

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TurtleWise Explorers Speak

  • After a few specific and meaningful exchanges with TurtleWise Gurus with job transitioning and Human Resources experience, I feel better prepared to make the most out of my career opportunities.

    Simon B.