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It’s human nature for mankind to pursue the unknown.  The combination of excitement and wonder drives the everyday explorer to chase his or her destiny and to travel their own optimal path.  TurtleWise is an Experience-based Social Network and Mobile App community that connects you, the explorer, with credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy Gurus that possess the unique attributes that you decide will best inform your everyday life decisions. This relationship between Explorer and Guru is confidential. An intimate conversation is created within the social network, and real advice is offered across a broad and expanding base of topics (or clusters of excellence) including; Education, Career Management, Politics, Lifestyle/Family, Military, Entrepreneurship and more.

Need advice on a decision to relocate to another part of the country for work? Are you considering Grad School and need help determining what school and program will best support your dream job after graduation? Having issues getting along with your significant other? Need advice on a smooth transition from the military sector to the private sector? TurtleWise allows you to customize a search for knowledgeable, credible and confidential Gurus that are ready to listen and lend advice and who are motivated by your successful outcomes.

Joining the TurtleWise community as an Explorer, creates the opportunity to seek advice from an experienced group of Gurus based on a wide variety of life topics.

Being a Guru within the TurtleWise community allows you to share your experience and knowledge with the intent of helping and inspiring others. Your expertise as a Guru is rewarded based on an incentive program within the application.

TurtleWise creates evolving relationships between Guru and Explorer, continuously spreading knowledge that is impactful on one’s life. Our application fuels intellectual enrichment between all users while maintaining a level of conviction with each advice given. Let us join you as your journey in life progresses. Sign up and be a member of the TurtleWise community!

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