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TurtleWise is a Unique Question and Advice Platform that Allows Our
Individual Users to Expand Their Network in a Powerful Way

Have you ever had a question where your personal and professional networks were limited in their ability to give credible and objective advice?

Do you have a meaningful decision to make that is so confidential that you don’t feel comfortable going to your personal or professional network?

Are you looking to receive specific advice and feedback for your circumstances and not just random and generic guidance?

Are you fed-up with hours of online research for a mentor that doesn’t end in finding meaningful, thoughtful and personalized advice?

Are you looking for a trusted community that is motivated to help one another as opposed to making an online reputation for themselves?

Have you been looking for a place to give-back, pay-it-forward and act out of your “better angels” that doesn’t require a lot of time or scheduling complexity?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Join TurtleWise as an individual user (one of our knowledge explorers) and connect with like-minded individuals who want to improve lives and the world through a thoughtful, caring exchange of experience, wisdom and advice.

Our initial users have experience in 6 main areas that we call Clusters of Excellence (COEs). These clusters are:

  • Career Development

    Enjoy the life and livelihood you were meant to have!
  • Education

    Learn and grow to your full potential!
  • Military

    Servant leadership both in and out of uniform!
  • Lifestyle & Family

    Caring for ourselves, our families, our community, our world!
  • Entrepreneurship

    Building a business with relevance, revenue and reach!
  • Politics

    Be informed, get involved and better the union!

Our patent-pending learning algorithm will add additional COEs as users join with additional domain experiences to share.

Join TurtleWise today to get help and to help others.

  • Download our app from the Apple Store or sign up through the web app at
  • Complete your individual profile Start seeking and giving great advice

For a limited time, every new user will receive a month of premium access for free! To maintain premium access after this trial
period has expired, each user will be billed a modest monthly fee of $15.99.

TurtleWise Explorers Speak

  • This chat was very helpful and these advisors knew their stuff! The chat board was easy to use and I liked the notifications I received when there was chat activity. I also liked the time count down that created a since of urgency for all involved. I am booking my trip next week with much more certainty and confidence.

    Dana H.