How to TurtleWise

As an explorer within the TurtleWise community, you will have access to a pool of gurus that are ready to share their experience, wisdom and expertise. By asking questions to gurus that you select, you will gain access to knowledge and advice that will help you make better decisions.

As a TurtleWise Guru you can share your vast experience and expertise to provide meaningful, confidential advice to explorers looking to solve problems ranging from day-to-day inquiries to some of life’s most difficult dilemmas. Become a trusted mentor and guide on the topics you know the most about.

You may find yourself being an explorer at one time and a guru at another, or both at the same time. We encourage our user community to play both roles to maximize the value you bring and receive from our platform.


Get Started

  • 1.

    Get the IOS app or sign up through the web.

  • 2.

    Follow the instructions after sign up to validate your email.

  • 3.

    Setup your profile to share your background and expertise.

  • 4.

    Ask a Question to the TurtleWise Community!

TurtleWise Explorers Speak

  • “This chat was very helpful and these advisors knew their stuff! The chat board was easy to use and I liked the notifications I received when there was chat activity. I also liked the time count down that created a since of urgency for all involved. I am booking my trip next week with much more certainty and confidence.”

    Dana H.