Fighting for your Future with Peter Yobo on TurtleWise

Peter Yobo has been described as is a true life changer. His work is incredible and is touching the lives of many people throughout the World. As someone who knows the path and walks it, Peter has a gift to inspire. We are excited to be partnering with Peter, which will provide TurtleWise users access to this inspirational leader.  

  1. Create Your Free Account at
  2. Complete as much of your profile as you’d like but be sure to add #FFWP (Follower of Fight with Peter) to the Guru Tags in your profile under Experiences and Expertise.
  3. Decide what you’d like to ask Peter, then ask away. From the TurtleWise Explorer mode, ask your question, select the “Complex Question” type and the “Anyone” Guru. Be sure to add #FWP (Fight With Peter) in the “Experiences and Expertise/Guru Tag” field and click on the +(plus) tab to add the tag. Then click “Seek Advice” to send your question on to Peter.
  4. You’re encouraged to engage with others within the TurtleWise community by seeking or giving advice! Say Yes to chat when you give advice and make a real connection with someone who could really use your help. Remember that your communications are private and remain strictly between you and the intended party. #FightWithPeter

Connect with Peter Online!  Visit his website here:


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