As an, Explorer, you can ask questions to hundreds of Gurus who possess the ideal characteristics, defined BY YOU, enhancing your ability to receive credible advice.

TurtleWise is a unique Question and Advice network, designed to provide 90% of the benefit of a face-to-face mentoring session while overcoming constraints of time and location. Within a gamified environment you can help others, build connections and reward yourself, all at the same time.


These Gurus give their advice based on their knowledge and experiences of the question subject matter.  Their advice is also customized FOR YOU as they review the unique information that you have allowed them to see within your personal and confidential profile. They will even share the reasons for the advice they are giving.  There is the ability for the Explorer to chat with the Gurus who have provided the best advice to gain even deeper and richer insights.  You can also designate a personal board of advisors from whom you’ll be able to directly seek advice whenever you want.

The unique contribution of TurtleWise to education is that mentoring can be through designated mentors, peers, faculty or graduate students. It can happen asynchronously, so students can respond to one another during those late-night study sessions or while the professor is tied up with grading and administration. The mentoring platform is as applicable to student services and social connection as it is to academics. With our platform you can bring your campus together through a tool you can structure to each department’s critical need. In addition, the app can be tailored to enhance faculty advancement and cross departmental mentorship and collaboration.

Here are some additional ways you can utilize the app:

Admissions:  Linking current students to perspective students to answer questions and share experiences.  This gives the school a more authentic outreach posture, frees up administrator time and increases the commitment level and success rate of a student who chooses to and is chosen to attend.

Mentoring: Linking those with information to those who desire it within the student population (seniors to juniors) or faculty.  TurtleWise has also been utilized as part of a Men and Women of color (separate groups) mentoring program.  Sports teams are exploring the platform as well.

Cohort Connection:  The Dean of a computer science school is utilizing TurtleWise to leverage our unique and robust exchange platform to augment their existing network tools.  Student group collaboration and research has also found value from TurtleWise as well.

Career Services:  The career service department of one of our University clients is using TurtleWise as a resource for students to gain first hand insights about the careers they are considering.

Alumni Engagement:  Alumni reaching back to support students of their alma mater using our platform are more engaged and rate their experience more satisfactorily.  Students also experience the value of their school network.  While too early to tell, we believe that through these deeper linkages, Alumni activity and support will increase.

Our initial users have experience in 6 main areas that we call Clusters of Excellence (COEs). These clusters are:

  • Career Development

    Enjoy the life and livelihood you were meant to have!
  • Education

    Learn and grow to your full potential!
  • Military

    Servant leadership both in and out of uniform!
  • Lifestyle & Family

    Caring for ourselves, our families, our community, our world!
  • Entrepreneurship

    Building a business with relevance, revenue and reach!
  • Politics

    Be informed, get involved and better the union!

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TurtleWise Explorers Speak

  • After a few specific and meaningful exchanges with TurtleWise Gurus with job transitioning and Human Resources experience, I feel better prepared to make the most out of my career opportunities.

    Simon B.