Cutting Through the Red Tape: Straightforward Answers About Politics

Navigating the world of online “news” sources could be a full time job. Whether you’re a political junkie, a casual absorber of current events, or wait for it…actually attempting to be an informed voter, this is a situation where the endless options can be paralyzing . Finding straightforward answers about the upcoming presidential election or a breakdown of both sides of an issue can be hard to find and even harder to trust.

While some enjoy scouring the web for what appears to be the most reliable source, many want a more interactive experience with a person or entity with credibility in the field. Young adults especially are drawn to an online experience where they can learn through conversation, in a casual setting. Tradition is out and innovation is in when it comes to finding information. Getting answers to questions about politics and government from experts with real life experience–that’s where TurtleWise comes in.

What do you want to know?

  • How do I contact my local or state, or federal government official?
  • Will my voice actually be heard?
  • Where can I go to get a answer with minimal bias or spin?

I know what you’re thinking. “straightforward responses from former government bureaucrats??” We hear you. And while we can’t make promises on the type of response you may receive, we can guarantee that Turtlewise Gurus are not self-appointed masters of nothing.

You do not need to have a PhD in mathematics or understand basic syllogisms to comprehend that the equation “you + college = success” is ridden with fallacies.

With the rising costs of tuition, many young people are forced to look at alternative variables to plug into the equation that will still result in “success.” Without a piece of parchment paper plastered on your office wall ensuing that you endured years of classes and mass amounts of debt, what is your credibility? Conversely, as more students graduate with four year degrees, the sanctity of the piece of paper becomes less unique. Our society is becoming over saturated with papers and byproducts of universities that it is almost more unique to not have a degree than to have one. Personally, as an entrepreneur, I have a difficult time rationalizing paying a large sum of money when I could use it as initial seed funding. Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.41.05 AM

Simon Fraser addresses this question and counters society’s basic equation to success in his book, Undecided. He looks at college through a set of entrepreneur’s eyes and questions the viability of spending $60,000 for a piece of paper over using that money to launch a business. Fraser has taken the alternative path. He has plugged in a different variable than the “college degree” and has still reached success. You can download a free electronic version of this powerful book here. If you sign up as an explorer on TurtleWise, you could have the opportunity of personally connecting with Simon Fraser and talking more about alternative options. As a TurtleWise Guru, he has been able to share his experiences with explorers.

Logo.Tagline-ONLY-no-back-finalThe XplorFlow Project encourages free thinking and an alternative path. The project strives to offer youth a supportive community of individuals whom have not attended college and pursued their dreams.logo Unfortunately, we only hear about Steve Jobs as the entrepreneur that dropped out of college and made it big. He is not the only success story. Luana is a XplorFlow mentor and the definition of success. She was passionate about fitness and unique swimwear when she knew that college was not her calling. Instead of attending a university, she created the business Rio Swim. Luana is just one of the many success stories regarding inputting a different variable to equate to success. Do you have a success story of taking an alternative route? Share it with the Explorers on TurtleWise.

While Simon Fraser and Luana may be the ideal Gurus for you, they may not be for your neighbor. TurtleWise is determined to connect experienced Gurus with explorers to optimize a sustainable relationship on both ends.

TurtleWise will help you find the correct variable to plug into the equation to quantify success. Whether it is college or an alternative, TurtleWise will match you with the perfect Guru.

you + Guru = Success
By Claire Coder

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