Are You Helpful Or Hurtful In Your Communications? Here’s Exactly How To Tell

I spend a good deal of my time every day writing, speaking and training, so becoming an effective communicator is something very important to me. Despite my experience, as a former corporate VP, therapist, and now coach and leadership trainer, I don’t always Read More

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Asking A Question in TurtleWise

What questions should I ask?   This is the first hurdle to overcome, and it’s common for people to be unsure of what they can or should ask.  Ask anything that you’re seeking guidance on in your life. Any challenge that you come Read More

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Cutting Through the Red Tape: Straightforward Answers About Politics

Navigating the world of online “news” sources could be a full time job. Whether you’re a political junkie, a casual absorber of current events, or wait for it…actually attempting to be an informed voter, this is a situation where the endless options can Read More

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Planning to Join the Military but Unsure Which Branch is Right for You?

So you’ve decided to join the military but are unsure of which branch is right for you. You are bombarded with information and the decision can be overwhelming. Here are three tips that will help you choose which military branch is right for Read More

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Join TurtleWise

It’s human nature for mankind to pursue the unknown.  The combination of excitement and wonder drives the everyday explorer to chase his or her destiny and to travel their own optimal path.  TurtleWise is an Experience-based Social Network and Mobile App community that Read More

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