Asking A Question in TurtleWise

What questions should I ask?  

This is the first hurdle to overcome, and it’s common for people to be unsure of what they can or should ask.  Ask anything that you’re seeking guidance on in your life. Any challenge that you come across in life can be turned into a question. Chances are, someone else has had a similar experience that they can draw from.

Commonly Asked Questions in TurtleWise

For help on how to ask a question in TurtleWise, see this video or follow this link.

Example Question 1:

Does anyone have experience raising twins? There’s so much information online to go through but I’m looking for someone who has done it and can provide relevant and customized advice for me.

Customizing for Your Ideal Guru: Define Desired Experiences and Expertise > Raising Twins


Example Question 2:

My son/daughter is thinking about joining the military. No one in my family or close network has military experience to provide advice. Can anyone help with advice for him/her or me as a parent based on their experience?

Define Desired Experiences and Expertise > Military


Example Question 3:

I am new to entrepreneurship and am working 80 hours/week on average but don’t seem to be making as much progress as I’d like.  What are some practices to manage work / life balance in this position where the business consumes much of my life?

Define Desired Experiences and Expertise > Entrepreneur


Example Question 4:

I grew up in a conservative family and have carried those ideals with me. I’m working to be more open and understand perspectives and ideals from others.  Is anyone interested in an open conversation about their more moderate or left-leaning political ideals?

Describe Your Ideal Guru > Custom > Political Affiliation > Democrat or Independent


Example Question 5:

How do I become more skilled in certain sports? I used to be a runner and played tennis in high school but I never got into team sports. My goal is to stay fit and get more enjoyment out of competing in my rec softball league.

Describe Your Ideal Guru > Anyone


Example Question 6:

I feel trapped in my current job in a large company. My boss isn’t very supportive of my growth. I’m deciding between approaching someone else in my company for support or making a switch to a new job.  Any advice from someone who has been through it?

Describe Your Ideal Guru > Custom > Age > 35+

Want to learn more? Here is a resource for a more in-depth article on the importance of asking questions and how to ask good questions.




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