About Us

We want to change the world, one great decision at a time!

Our Mission

TurtleWise is an online experience network that encourages our community of users to give and receive trusted, confidential and credible advice in order to help one another with life’s meaningful decisions that occur almost daily. Our virtual environment adds value beyond in-person mentorship through national and international reach, building a trusted cohort of advisors and offers the ability to open questions to a broad network for input.

“We bring together like-minded individuals and organizations who want to share their experience, wisdom and advice in a positive and fun environment.”

TurtleWise is open to anyone who has a strong desire to “pay-it-forward” and expand their options by giving and getting great advice, respectively. We are inclusive and believe that everyone has things to learn and things to share.

Our patent-pending matching algorithm is part of our “secret sauce”. Designed to mimic “real-life”, our community members are matched based on specific characteristics and attributes of an ideal advisor, chosen by the advice seeker. Every engagement is made credible and personal through the sharing of user constructed profiles exclusively between the advice-seeker and advice-giver(s).

TurtleWise is free to join and offers free basic membership which allows a user to give and receive first order advice.  For an even deeper engagement, we offer our premium membership that allows a user to participate in a chat, create and connect with an organizational or influencer page, earn TurtleBucks (our in-site monetization), build a board of advisors, and much more. Everyone gets 30 days of premium membership for free when you join TurtleWise as part of our trial offering after which, you can maintain the premium features for a low monthly fee of $15.99.

Our Team

Kevin Walker

Founder & CEO Kevin’s passion for helping and empowering others is contagious. His vision is to bring other like-minded people together for the primary purpose of sharing sound advice. The ultimate goal is for the lives of all involved to be enriched through meaningful engagements in this trusted, credible and fun community. Kevin has an engineering degree from West Point and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Chris Hone

Chief Sales Officer A graduate of Cornell University and the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC, Chris is a results oriented, senior-level executive with more than twenty years of demonstrated accomplishments as both an Army officer and in all phases of business development and sales leadership. Chris strongly believes in the power of many to solve difficult individual, team, group and community problems. His focus is growing TurtleWise into the leading Social Advice site on the internet!

TurtleWise, Inc.
Denver, CO 80202