4 Tips For Finding Great Career Mentors

Finding the perfect career is a major life decision and can be a very stressful task when you do not have clear direction. The pressure of finding success in a career and navigating the optimal path is overwhelming when you do not have guidance. Forbes magazine acknowledges that finding the perfect career mentor is extremely beneficial, but a little bit tricky. The search for a mentor can be one of the hardest parts. Forbes magazine stresses the importance of searching outside the box, and connecting with a mentor that’s not already in your day to day life. “Don’t restrict yourself!”

TurtleWise is a credible resource that allows mentors to connect with explorers in a easy, meaningful way. Mentors (Gurus) offer valuable advice to learners (Explorers). The relationship that TurtleWise creates between guru and explorer generates new opportunities for personal and professional growth on both (1)

The benefits of having a career mentor are endless. It provides you with credible advice from someone who has already had the real world experience. You could receive personal tips on which direction to take your career from someone who has been through it all. An article on Mashable does a great job at further explaining these benefits.

If you’re currently enduring a career drought or don’t know what direction to take, become an Explorer with TurtleWise and get linked to the perfect career mentor for you. TurtleWise will pair you with a Guru who has had a similar experience and can give you advice that directly relates to what you’re going through. Gurus are experienced, knowledgeable, and credible in their field of expertise. Gurus are here to always remind you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you’re currently where you want to be with your career, I’m sure you can relate to these trials and tribulations that lead up to where you are today.  Become a Guru and lead others down a path of success and happiness. Share your expertise with explorers at TurtleWise. Not only the explorers benefit from this relationship, but so will you! By being a Guru at TurtleWise, you will enhance your leadership skills and continue to grow as an individual.

Sign up with TurtleWise today to become one of our fellow Gurus or Explorers. TW-website-iconInvest in a relationship that will change your life.  Receive advice or share your experience and knowledge. Have a better life through better decisions at TurtleWise.

By: Amanda Brodzinski

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