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  • Are you interested in changing the world, one great decision at a time?
  • Are you passionate about helping others to avoid the mistakes of the past?
  • Do you enjoy the positive feeling that comes from helping others?
  • Are you interested in advice from credible people who are invested in your success?
  • Do you consider yourself a life-long learner?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to exercise your spirit of giving?

TurtleWise was created to be a connector of people.  On TurtleWise, we make it easy to get help and to help others.


Our Network of Gurus and Explorers Includes:

  • Executives and CEOs
  • World Travelers
  • Parents
  • Military Veterans
  • Young at Heart & Old in Spirit
  • Politicians & Policy Advocates
  • College and Professional Athletes
  • Career Advisors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Millennials
  • Teachers & Professors
  • College Graduates
  • Musicians
  • and more

Join TurtleWise to give and get advice that will change the world.

For the time conscious, the best part may be that you can have a meaningful engagement in less than 5 minutes a day. 

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Ask Questions. Get Advice.

TurtleWise is a Questions and Advice network that rewards you for giving and getting advice.

As an Explorer, you can ask questions to hundreds of Gurus who possess the ideal characteristics, defined BY YOU, which enhances your ability to receive credible advice.  These Gurus give their advice based on their knowledge and experiences of the question.  Their advice is also customized FOR YOU as they review the unique information that you have allowed them to see within your personal and confidential profile. They will even share the reasons for the advice they are giving.  There is the ability for the Explorer to chat with the Gurus who have provided the best advice to gain an even deeper and richer engagement.  In the near future, you’ll be able to designate a personal board of advisors from whom you’ll be able to directly seek advice whenever you want.

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You earn TurtleBucks when you give or receive advice.  You can redeem TurtleBucks for Amazon gift cards or you can donate them to one of our partner charities.

Learn about how it works

You earn points when you answer questions.  You can exchange points for gift cards or donate to one of our charities.

Learn about how it works


If you want to help others and give back, we want you!

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Great Advice Can Change Your Life

TurtleWise is a Question and Advice Network.


Ask your questions privately and get advice from people who are motivated by your success and by the satisfaction they gain from helping others.  TurtleWise is a network of people with shared values.  Join TurtleWise to get help and to help others.


Share Your Experience

Our Mission Is To Help People To Help One Another, Which Will Lead To Better Lives Through Better Decisions.


On TurtleWise, you will find people with a variety of knowledge and experiences who want to help others by sharing their advice.  Both Explorers and Gurus can earn rewards for seeking and sharing advice.  To get started on TurtleWise, join now and tell us about your knowledge, expertise and interests.  Based on your profile characteristics and your search criteria, you will be automatically connected with relevant people who are either seeking or willing to give advice.


Chat on TurtleWise


Chat With A Guru That Gives Great Advice


When a Guru shares great advice and you want to know more, use the Chat Feature to connect directly within the TurtleWise platform. The private chat log allows Explorer and Guru to have a deeper dialogue in real time.  At the end of the chat period, the log is saved for your reference in the future as needed.  All chat participants will earn TurtleBucks as well.  The more you chat the more you earn.


Get Rewarded For Helping One Another


Earn 5 TurtleBucks for seeking or giving advice.

Give a great response and earn up to 50 when you are invited to chat.

1000 TurtleBucks = $5

Convert your TurtleBucks into gift cards or donate to one of our charity partners.

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